Welcome To The Angels in America of Performing Arts CO Site

On the behalf of our CEO of Angels in America of Praise Dance Studio (A.I.A.P.D.) & Angels in America of Performing Arts (A.I.A.P.A.) Instructor: Elizabeth Braggs you are welcome to our site. 

*This studio is not associated with any church and or ministry we are independent, however, we encourage our students through positive music with a strict code of conduct in place non of our instructors and or teachers in training is allowed to teach without proper training and certification. We do not engage our students in any hostile type of music that downgrade the men, women, boys, and girls. We are here to build up each and every individual to their full potential in becoming the star they desire to be through positive, clean and uplifting genre of music such as: Classical, Clean Hip-Hop, Waltz Music, Majorette, Jazz, Contemporary and etc. along with being in the midst of a well rounded class environment.

*Praise Dancing is optional therefore is not forced upon any individual who do not desire to learn how to master their fear, stress, and anxiety. Including how to promote peace, and receive spiritual wholeness and well being techniques through praise dance that is not tied to any sort of religion or anything like that. Praise dancing will be taught through the use of universal inspirational songs that will uplift, encourage and inspire each and everyone of the individuals that desire to explore.

The two main questions we ask every potential member/ dance parent and or guardian is:

Are you tired of fairy tail dancing and want to sharpen you and or your child(ren) talent(s)?

Are you tired of throwing away more than $285/weekly just for quality lessons in the music and arts industry?

*If you answered "Yes" to the above questions we encourage you to enroll today.

Did you know you don't need to spend a fortune just too enjoy quality life lessons, techniques, skills, trades, and etc...?

We have plans that will fit every budget.

If you are a committed individual and feel like this "Grow With Me Program" is good for you and or your children our doors are opened. We seek to train each and everyone of our students as potential leaders who will eventually graduate out from this organization at twenty-one years old and receive two scholarships that will be applied to their college tuition. We desire to assist each and every individual who take part of this organization by encouraging them to  further their education in whatever field they desire to study on a college level. For any individual that is over twenty-one years old that desires to take part of this program we encourage you to do so. There is still a lot left in store for you. Such as teaching certifications that will enable you to start or revamp your own studio with our assistance and training you will succeed, and or just have fun learning.


 All class fees, enrollment fees, and

 booking fees are encouraged to be paid either online through the "Contact Us" Tab and or

 via cashier's check, cash, Zelle, CashApp and or money orders. 

Team Spirit Items For Sale:

-Custom A.I.A.P.A CO Dance Uniform-------- Cost $25

-Custom A.I.A.P.A CO T-Shirt ---------Cost $25 

-A.I.A.P.A. CO Dance Bag--------- Cost $30

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We encourage all of our dance and non dance parents and students to explore the world through the use of Little Passports your child will engage in different activities and learn a great deal of knowledge all while having fun. After all here at Angels in America of Performing Arts we promote education. 

Click on the link below to sign-up for your child's next indoors adventure.

Silent Night (Vocals)
Jingle Punks (YouTube Audio Library)